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Sourdoughnuts Serves Gluten-Free Doughnuts and Other Treats Near Faraday Park

May.28, 2021

It isn’t easy to run a business all on your own. It’s even more complicated when you’re a one-woman show. To make this scenario even more challenging, imagine running that same business from your personal home. This intimidating scene is one that Cindy, the owner of Sourdoughnuts, faced for nine months, since opening her celiac-friendly bakery. Taking the good alongside the not-so-good, she built a thriving business, offering not just her eponymous sourdoughnuts but an array of gluten-free baked goods. Just as notably, she did that from her personal kitchen, with the benefits and snags that come with a home-based business. 

In March, Cindy decided to disband Sourdoughnuts as it had existed and grown in favor of a more sustainable business model. Rather than the deliveries and non-stop hours of baking that had built Sourdoughnuts, the gluten-free baked goods we know and love will come to customers through pop up markets or special orders. Keep an eye out for Sourdoughnuts opportunities going forward—your delicious baked good will help Cindy live the life she loves, with plenty of sourdoughnuts along the way.

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