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Taste the Difference at Chicka Loca Charcoal Chicken

Oct.02, 2022

We understand that quality matters in every area of your life, including what you eat. That’s precisely why the newly opened eatery Chicka Loca Charcoal Chicken should be on your radar if it isn’t already. This isn’t your average Peruvian chicken joint.

It takes the chef nearly an hour to cook a single piece of chicken—and that doesn’t even include the prep process. First, they have to dress it up with a blend of herbs and spices rooted in a secret family recipe. Then they carefully grill it over open flames to ensure every wing and thigh is perfectly juicy and tender. You’ll understand what a difference this makes when you sink your teeth into a bird for yourself. And the quality control doesn’t end there! Chicka Loca also takes great care in crafting sides and sauces from scratch, also according to time-tested family recipes (which took more than a decade to perfect). Order the house-made Boom Chicka, green sauce, or yellow sauce, and savor every bite. Complement your meal with an inventive side such as the special slaw, the fried yucca, or the house-made beans.

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